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best way to increase instagram followers 2021

best way to increase instagram followers 2021

These are best ways just follow them if you want to increase your Instagram followers and get amazing results using these secret tips 

1:Share good quality content

I originally wrote “share good and high quality photos” but in reality you don't need to be a pro photographer (or a hire a photographer) in order to share quality content. I think “quality” is a bit subjective – because it really depends on your audience. For example, if your business is fashion / travel / wedding related, the quality of your images is going to matter much more than if you're running an Instagram for your blog or website.

Here's the thing though – I do think it's easier to grow your Instagram followers when you share great photos. No one really wants to follow an account with bad photos unless they connect with you on some deeper level, but you only have a few seconds to catch someone's attention on Instagram, so wouldn't you want to make a great first impression?

My advice? Don't share the bad photos. And yes, sometimes it might take 30 “bad” photos to get 1 good one… but most pro-Instagrammers are not just taking a quick photo and just posting it for the sake of posting. There's a lot of work that can go into content ideation, location scouting, styling, shooting, culling, editing and then  actually posting the image.

Most of Mochi's photos were taken with a “real” camera over the past couple of years (Canon 6D or Sony A7Riii with various lenses) – though some were just snapped with my iPhone. I could go into way more detail about what makes a great photo, but in general, I pay attention to lighting, focus / clarity, composition (what/how things are arranged in a shot) and how good Mochi's hair looks. #girlproblems

2:Use social pilot:

 SocialPilot is a social media marketing automation tool that helps you in scheduling and analyzing your social media marketing activities and thereby increasing your social media efficiency and reach.

You can connect over 9 social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, TikTok and VK with SocialPilot.

 Share as many as 500 posts and connect over 100 profiles with just one SocialPilot account.

This is the best tool if you want to increase your Instagram followers 

    Create social pilot account 

3:Post consistently

I generally post once a day. We take a lot of photos of Mochi (she's so damn cute), but sometimes there aren't any that are “shareworthy” – so I won't post until we can take another. If Mochi's not in the mood to pose for photos, we don't make her. And sometimes it's easier to take photos in batches when she is being particularly cute or doing something interesting. (Ad disclaimer:moslty crypto related ads are scam so do some research before investing or working on these ads)

4:Don’t Use Irrelevant Hashtags for Your Posts

Imagine you’re forty pages deep into a fiction novel that has you hanging onto every word. You feel deeply connected to the characters and are itching to find out what happens next. To your surprise, when you flip the page, you’re met with a recipe for apple pie. How would you feel? Confused? Upset? Shocked? That’s exactly how people feel when brands start using hashtags that have no relevance to

 5:Follow People Who Like Competing Instagram Pages

To get that Instagram followers increase, you need to find people who follow brands. 

Who are your biggest competitors on Instagram? Note them down. Then, browse their posts to see who’s commenting on their posts. Follow them and engage with them.

Keep in mind that when choosing competitors on Instagram, it’s better to go for the smaller brands.

6:Host Giveaways to Build Your Instagram Followers:

If you host giveaways on Instagram and have a small audience, you might be able to get more followers. 

But if you host giveaways on your website and include an option to follow you on Instagram and other social networks, you’ll have a much bigger reach.

If your audience size is small, you can post your giveaway in certain giveaway Facebook groups or on giveaway blogs.

When I first started working in marketing, I’d reach out to giveaway blogs. I’d send them some free products in exchange for a review post.

7:Promote your instagram account other places

Whenever people “meet” Mochi on the street / at the park / in an elevator and comment that she's cute or try to pet her, I shamelessly give them her business card and tell them to follow her on Instagram – because who doesn't like cute puppies. I wouldn't recommend doing that for yourself or your business (unless you are a dog?), but don't assume that your “real life” friends are all following you already. You can promote your instagram account on your website, on your other social media channels, in your emails, or in person – but give people a REAL reason to follow you on instagram (versus anywhere else). For example – maybe you share a tip of the day, behind the scenes sneak peeks, or “secret” sales only for your followers.

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